Power Pack Meals

We are so excited to announce the addition of of Power Pack Meals to our business! Power Pack Meals, like Dinner to Doorbells, is a locally created, mom-run, small business that focuses on healthy eating.  

With this acquisition, Chef Ali Crowdus will be joining our team. Ali is a competitive powerlifter and is one of only 10 females in the world to have ever bench pressed 500lbs - all while being fueled by her own Power Pack Meals! She is also a mother to Nora and a proud graduate of Midwest Culinary Institute. Ali creates each meal by focusing on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables. With nutrition as the main focus of our meals, she is mindful of sodium and does not add refined sugars to our foods. We want to provide powerful meals to fuel your active lifestyle, while satisfying your taste buds with great flavors!

All Power Pack meals are single servings and arrive refrigerated, ready for you to heat and enjoy!